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   Sharp tools make good work. With first-class equipment we can guarantee the accuracy of testing experiment and quality of products.

Testing Instrument and Equipment
   Imported equipment getting from abroad includes 6 units of ICP-MS ( Plasma Mass Spectrometer) produced by Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.), 2 units of ICP-OES (Full Spectrum Direct-Reading Spectrometer), 2 units of ICP-OES ( Full Spectrum Direct-Reading Spectrometer) produced by PE Company (U.S.A.), 1 unit of X-ray diffraction optical spectrometer produced in the United States, 1 unit of Leica microphotometer produced in Germany, 3 units of Leica stereomicroscope produced in German, 3 units of Leica Reflected polarizing microscope produced in Germany, 1 unit infrared spectrophotometer produced in the United States, 2 units of Japanese Neo X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, 1 unit of thermoelectric ion chromatogram produced in the United States, 2 units of Metrohm ion chromatographs, 4 units of graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometers produced in Australia, 3 units of GBC atomic absorption spectrophotometers produced in Australia, 2 units of elemental analyzers produced in Germany, 1 unit of thermoelectrical elemental analyzer produced in the United States, 3 units of breakers produced in New Zealand, 3 units of grinding machines produced in New Zealand; complete domestic equipment covering chemical analysis, coal analysis, mineral identification and geotechnical engineering etc.      

Dressing & Smelting Test Equipment
    Including 4 units of equipment for metal, non-metallic mineral laboratory test, technical process test, 1 unit for intermediate test, 2 units for gold loaded carbon desorption, 2 units for gold and silver extraction

                       ICP - MS of Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.)

                       ICP-OES of Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.)

              ion chromatography of Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.)

                   elemental analyzer of Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.)

                 graphite oven of Thermo Electron Corporation (U.S.A.)



             breaker of New Zealand, grinding machine of New Zealand

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