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  Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute has obtained 116 items of scientific research achievements in national, provincial, ministerial and bureau level, including discovery of two new minerals. Through identification of the Commission on New Minerals, this two new minerals are named Xilingolite and Erlianite Which are the names of the autonomous region and become Chinese members of the mineral family, making indelible contribution to the perfection of the world mineral family.



         It was named Model Organization of              It was honored as Advanced Group for

       the Whole Region by the party committee           scientific and technological work in

          and the local government of Inner              the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period by

         Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2011.            the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2011.



         It was named Model Organization             It was honored as Advanced Grass-root Party

          by the party committee and the            Organization by the Work Commission for Offices

        local government of Inner Mongolia         Directly Under the CPC Committee of Inner Mongolia

           Autonomous Region in 2005.                 Autonomous Region in four consecutive years.                


        It was honored as Model Organization              It was awarded the title of Model

            by the original ministry of                 Employees Small Home by the All-China

       geology and mineral resources in 1997              Federation of Trade Unions in 2005                 


      It was honored as advanced organization             It was awarded the title of Advanced

         for fire law enforcement by the                   Grass-root Part Organization by the

       local government of Yuquan District                 Department of Land and Resources of

              Inner Mongolia in 2010                     Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2006         



      It was awarded the title of Advanced Part           It honored as Advanced Organization by

      Organization for Excellence in Competition            the Geology and Mineral Resources

      by the Department of Land and Resources of           Development Bureau of Inner Mongolia

      Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2011           Autonomous Region in six consecutive years





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